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Half Height Heavy Duty Anti-Luce Warehouse Container

Our half height anti-luce warehouse container offers all the benefits of our full-sized container, but at half the height. This design makes use of potentially unused space above stacks of full height containers. Ideally for the storage of 3-piece suites.

Key features include:

  • Standard external dimensions of 2184 x 1575 x 1219mm overall
  • A one-piece 18mm solid plywood base as standard
  • 60x30mm external battening to provide extra resistance to bowing under pressure
  • Supplied complete with 18 spring steel klimps for assembly
  • Can be stacked 2 high in a removal vehicle and 5 high in the warehouse
For more information about half height heavy duty anti-luce warehouse container please call 01462 705390 or email us.